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Winter TCA Tour

I’ve added two high quality images of Jake at the Winter TCA Tour, January 17th.

[January 17] Winter TCA Tour
jake-austincom_28129~1.jpg jake-austincom_28229~1.jpg Ugfgdfntitled 1 Ugfgdfntitled 1 Ugfgdfntitled 1 

‘The Fosters’ Promo – 1×12 “House and Home”

Airs Monday, January 20th, at 9/8C on ABC Family.

‘The Fosters’ Screen Captures – 1×11 “The Honeymoon”

I’ve added screen captures of Jake from the latest episode of ‘The Fosters,’ titled, “The Honeymoon.” This episode was the mid-season premiere, and it was awesome! Jake did great. I’ve added HD (high definition) screen captures to the gallery which you can view by clicking the thumbnails below:

01×11 – The Honeymoon
jake-austincom-0000083.jpg jake-austincom-0000189.jpg jake-austincom-0000539.jpg jake-austincom-0000596.jpg jake-austincom-0000641.jpg 

‘Drop Dead Diva’ – Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures of Jake from his guest appearance on the TV show, ‘Drop Dead Diva,’ which aired in 2012. He guest starred in season 4, episode 2, titled, “Home.” You can view the screen captures by clicking the thumbnails below:

Screen Captures: Season 4, Episode 2 – Home:
jake-austincom__-0000043.jpg jake-austincom__-0000072.jpg jake-austincom__-0000313.jpg jake-austincom__-0000424.jpg jake-austincom__-0000532.jpg 

‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ – Screen Captures

I’ve uploaded screen captures of Jake from his guest appearance on an episode of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit‘ that aired in 2012. The episode is titled, “Home Invasions,” and was the 14th episode of season 13. You can view the screen captures by clicking the thumbnails below:

Screen Captures: Season 13, Episode 14 – Home Invasions:
ajake-austincom_0000501.jpg jake-austincom_0000085.jpg jake-austincom_0000217.jpg jake-austincom_0000283.jpg jake-austincom_0000375.jpg 

EPISODE STILLS – ‘The Fosters’ – “The Honeymoon” and “House and Home”

I’ve added episode stills of Jake in the 2 most upcoming episodes of ‘The Fosters‘ to the gallery. You can view the high quality stills by clicking the thumbnails below.

01×11 – The Honeymoon:
jake-austincom_28129~0.jpg jake-austincom_28529~0.jpg Ugfgdfntitled 1 Ugfgdfntitled 1 Ugfgdfntitled 1 

01×12 – House and Home:
jake-austincom_28229~0.jpg jake-austincom_28329~0.jpg jake-austincom_28429~0.jpg Ugfgdfntitled 1 Ugfgdfntitled 1 

Don’t forget, ‘The Fosters’ returns on Monday, January 13th at 9/8C on ABC Family.

‘The Fosters’ Spoilers Round-Up: What Happens In The Next 10 Episodes of Season 1

It seems like forever since the midseason finale of The Fosters aired on ABC Family. The Fosters midseason premiere will pick up right where we left off last summer on January on Monday, January 13th. We scoured the internet and found every Fosters spoiler we could, here’s what we can expect to see next month on The Fosters season premiere.


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“The Fosters” First Look

Jake Attends the Launch Celebration Of the Clothing Line “Crush” By ABC Family

I’ve added high quality images of Jake attending the launch of ABC Family’s new clothing line, titled, “Crush” on November 9th to the photogallery.

jakeaustincom_28229~7.jpg jakeaustincom_28329~7.jpg jakeaustincom_28429~4.jpg jakeaustincom_28529~3.jpg jakeaustincom_28629~4.jpg