This site is currently getting updated!!! Sorry, I have very busy lately and this site was on a HIGH hiatus! I added batch of photos of the last appearance that Jake had went to:

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I am currently looking for co-web(s).

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Come back here on Friday, September 26th and you’ll see tons of updates here!


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Hi, I’m back and have lots of work to do, since I have lots of time now due to school around( not all the time),  I have time to work on this site. I added a new theme I made because I am also a designer. I added the photos from Jake photoshoot with Flaunt.:

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Hello, I am Loukas/Lilnokey the new owner of the site, you may know me from Lucy Hale Network and Tamar Braxton Us, and I am here bringing you latest news on Jake T. Austin! I will also upload a new theme. :)

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I’ve added two high quality images of Jake at the Winter TCA Tour, January 17th.

[January 17] Winter TCA Tour
jake-austincom_28129~1.jpg jake-austincom_28229~1.jpg Ugfgdfntitled 1 Ugfgdfntitled 1 Ugfgdfntitled 1 

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Airs Monday, January 20th, at 9/8C on ABC Family.

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I’ve added screen captures of Jake from the latest episode of ‘The Fosters,’ titled, “The Honeymoon.” This episode was the mid-season premiere, and it was awesome! Jake did great. I’ve added HD (high definition) screen captures to the gallery which you can view by clicking the thumbnails below:

01×11 – The Honeymoon
jake-austincom-0000083.jpg jake-austincom-0000189.jpg jake-austincom-0000539.jpg jake-austincom-0000596.jpg jake-austincom-0000641.jpg 

Saturday, January 18th, 2014 • Screen Captures , The Fosters • Lilnokey  

I’ve added screen captures of Jake from his guest appearance on the TV show, ‘Drop Dead Diva,’ which aired in 2012. He guest starred in season 4, episode 2, titled, “Home.” You can view the screen captures by clicking the thumbnails below:

Screen Captures: Season 4, Episode 2 – Home:
jake-austincom__-0000043.jpg jake-austincom__-0000072.jpg jake-austincom__-0000313.jpg jake-austincom__-0000424.jpg jake-austincom__-0000532.jpg 

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